Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure

We held our weekly business meeting at The Boathouse this week. We have a weekly meeting to discuss the strategy of our business ventures, and figure out our agenda for the upcoming week.

So, I thought I could kill two birds with one stone and write a review of The Boathouse also. As I stated before, I think reviews are very important and I always look at reviews prior to making any purchase or decision on where to stay, etc.

The Boathouse offers a very nice ambiance. The Boathouse appears to be a great place for fancy receptions and special occasions. In fact, as we arrived we saw what appeared to be a wedding party. There appears to be several separate rooms available for private parties. On our way out of the restaurant, we saw into one of the rooms from afar, it was very pretty with purple chairs and a beautiful chandelier, very fancy.

The Boathouse offers some great views. They have seating inside and outside with a view of the Scioto River—the view of the river was not so great as the river is low. I’ve been there twice and the river was low both times. However, it does offer a beautiful view of Columbus’ downtown skyline.


The food is decent. I had a caesar salad with chicken, it was good. Chris had parmesan crusted chicken and rice pilaf. He enjoyed it. Brandon had a hamburger, it said it was decent. Rachel had crab cakes, she was not overly impressed, but it was ok. They brought out homemade chips and a dip at first, they were very good. They also brought out a pan of parmesan rolls later.

The prices are a little expensive. The menu was fancy. Like I said, they offered hamburger on the menu, but the parmesan crusted chicken was the closet thing to plain, simple and ordinary that Chris could find on the menu.

Overall, it was a very nice experience. The staff was friendly, the view was great, the atmosphere peaceful, fairly quiet and relaxing. I do think it is a great place for dinner parties or special events.

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