What happens when you learn how to deadhead flowers

One of the things that I inspire to do is to learn new things. Learning is a life-long process. I also love to teach or share information. I have always loved the way flowers looked, but never really worked to have a flower garden or had a green thumb. I’ve purchased hanging plants over the years, but nothing that required a lot of work. When we moved into the house that we live in now, I started caring about my yard. Our yard backs into a wooded ravine. We have a 2-story deck, over a walk-out basement. Our neighborhood is filled with street-lined trees and well-kept lawns, so I felt the need to step-up. So, I really knew nothing about plants or flowers, and neither does my mother. So, I went out a purchased hundreds of dollars worth of perennials several years ago, I had the solar lights that lined our yard. Our landscape came with whitewashed bricks already. We had beautiful trees in our small but inviting yard. So, I purchased hosta plants to surround two of our beautiful trees. I planted a rose bush and some other bushes. I like a lot of color, so I usually purchase petunias every year to plant to give the yard some vibrant color. Unfortunately, because of the wooded area we live in, we have a lot of deer and other critters that like to eat our plants. But, still our yard normally looks good.

I also love to purchase petunia hanging plants to put on our front porch. I love to pull into the driveway and see the vibrant colors of the plants. It just adds an inviting and welcoming, homey touch. So for the last couple of years, I have purchased the plants and most of them have done well, with no help from me, except to water them. However, this year, I purchased 5 plants and hung them and within a month they were all dead. 

I didn’t understand. So, I purchased 4 more and I asked the lady at the greenhouse how I was supposed to take care of the plants, she said to make sure I deadhead them. She said just pick out any dying blooms, and it will allow new ones to form. I had no idea was she was talking about.

I looked up videos on deheading flowers and I watched a few videos and I learned how to take care of my flowers, That is what I love about the internet. I have learned so much from the internet and watching videos. I believe that the internet is so valuable in teaching a person certain skills. I am not an expert. But, my flowers have flourished after doing the deadheading.


Unfortunately I did not get to deadhead my flowers for about 3 weeks and my flowers have suffered because of it.

So, I have started to deadhead the flowers again, because I hadn’t done it in so long, I have to do a little at a time. It was too time-consuming for me to do all four at once. And, I plan to do a little every day to catch up and then do it 2-3 times a week. I will post a picture in a few weeks to show you how they are doing. I have no idea the normal life cycle of these hanging plants, but hopefully they should last into September.

Stayed tuned for the next update.

To learn how to deadhead flowers, see the following video:

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