Transitioning Vs. The Big Chop

As more and more women begin making the choice to go all natural, they are faced with one huge question: Transitioning or the Big Chop? This decision will determine how the rest of their natural journey will go. And while many swear by the choice they made, the truth is, there are several pros and cons for each choice. That’s why it’s extremely important for any women who is trying to make the decision to go natural to be informed about both.

Transitioning relaxed hair to natural hair means that you’ll be cutting off the damaged hair bit by bit, as new, natural growth comes in. For some women, especially those who have longer hair, this allows them to ease into natural hair. This is actually the first, and most stated, pro for transitioning. It allows you to decide how fast you want to go into this new world. You can cut off a little every few weeks or every couple months. You’re in complete control.

Another advantage of transitioning is that while you slowly change your hair, you’ll have time to learn how to style and care for your natural hair. If you don’t have as much time as you would like to play with your hair, you can find a simple transitioning hairstyle until you do have time. This way, there’s much less pressure on you as you learn about your natural hair.

Unfortunately, there are also a few cons to transition. The first is the most obvious. You’ll be dealing with two different types of hair textures for the length of time it takes you to transition. This can lead to several awkward hairstyles, where half your head is curly and the other half is straight. Because of this, you’ll have to learn a whole bunch of new hairstyles that are specific to transitioning hair. Having two textures also leads to having extremely fragile hair. Where the two textures meet is very likely to break, causing frizz and split ends.

The Big Chop, or completely cutting off all the relaxed hair at once, is the other option for going natural. One of the best reasons for opting for the Big Chop is that it forces you to learn about your new hair out of necessity. There’s no middle ground here, which can be a great thing if you’re ready. And, the Big Chop definitely makes a statement. If you’re tired of your hair and want something new, the Big Chop is the way to go. Plus, the sooner all the relaxed and damaged hair is gone, the sooner you can begin learning about and styling your new hair.

It wouldn’t be called the Big Chop if it wasn’t a Big Change. This can be extremely daunting for some people. When you chop off all your hair, you can’t back track. One of the biggest cons about the Big Chop is that it leaves no room for changes of hearts. And, if you’re hair wasn’t very long to begin with, you might be left with hair shorter than what makes you comfortable.

No matter what your choice, going natural will definitely change your life. And, in the end, both options lead to having beautiful, healthy, natural hair!

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