Think you don’t have time to exercise —Think Again!

The benefits of exercise are well documented, wide and varied; from helping with weight loss, weight maintenance, mood to the many health benefits, including lowering the risk of several diseases. For me, personally, I know that I have to exercise in order to lose weight and in order to maintain my weight. Exercise increases my metabolism, gives me energy, helps me sleep better, helps me concentrate and makes me feel good about myself. However, I go through phases where I exercise consistently and regularly or I go through phases where I don’t exercise for months.

It use to be that time was the issue, I kept feeling like I didn’t have 30 minutes to carve out to exercise. Then, when it wasn’t time, I didn’t have the motivation. So, I had to get my mind right. This took months of renewing my mind, reading about the benefits of exercise, reminding myself about the benefits, etc. So, I have finally found the solution, I use workout videos. One of my favorites is Turbo Jam, it gives you a great 20 minute workout.

Then, I found that I didn’t feel like working out for 20 minutes—or I didn’t have time, whatever, the reason. I discovered 10 minute videos. Go to the product page of this website, to find my favorites. Sometimes, you don’t even have time for 10 minute videos; so I will do several 5-minute workouts throughout the day. This keeps me motivated, it helps my energy level throughout the day and it keeps my metabolism revved up. Since doing this method; I have remained consistent with my exercise routine and I have lost 13 pounds in a few months. I also track calories in order to lose the weight, but if I don’t track calories, this exercise method will prevent me from gaining weight; where I would in the past.

I’ve gathered up some great 5 minute workouts to keep you motivated, energized and fit. I’ve tried to include workouts that will give you a total body experience when combined.

This workout from popsugar will keep your core strong.

Here is an arm workout from popsugar.

I like workouts that are quick, give you a variety so you don’t get bored and something that you can memorize and get into a routine quickly. This 5 minute workout fits the bill.

Want a variety, but still not have to think about what to do next—just print out the workout and in 5 minutes you’ll feel the burn!!

Here is a leg workout from pop sugar.

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