The Spiritual Gift of Giving

The purpose of this mini-article is to give an overview of the spiritual gift of giving. The gift of giving is the divine strength or ability to produce wealth and to give for the purpose of advancing the Kingdom of God on earth.

Every Christian is supposed to give to further the Kingdom; however, not everyone has the gift of giving. When it comes to giving, the motive or the attitude is more important than the amount of the gift. God is looking at the giver’s heart. God loves a cheerful giver.

Every Christian, but especially, those with the gift of giving are called to be good stewards with their finances that God has provided.

While there are certain common characteristics that those with the gift of giving have; you as an individual should be unique when it comes to exercising your gift. We all have different temperaments, attitudes, backgrounds, perceptions and so when we exercise our gifts; it will not always look the same.

It has been said that some of those with the gift of giving have the ability to give beyond their means. But, I take it to mean that only those with this gift should be doing this (giving beyond their means at the direction of the Holy Spirit)—even though every Christian should give.

The right motive and the right attitude is imperative. The right motive is the key to giving and receiving. The right motive is the desire to further God’s kingdom and to help others. If you give to get; you don’t have the right motive.

When you fail to give with the right motive; you will not receive in return. For examples of what happens when you give with the wrong motive and what happens when you give with the right motive. See this article:

Do You Have the Spiritual Gift of Giving?

In conclusion, the most important point about the gift of giving is that the giver must give for the right reason. Again, the attitude and the motive are more important than the amount of the gift. Giving should be your reason for gaining wealth. Your giving should be directed by the Holy Spirit. When you have the gift of giving and are obedient with that gift, you will see your gift used to accomplish miracles and do wonders; it will change peoples lives.

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