Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a cash based online rewards club founded by internet entrepreneur Daren Cotter in the year 2000.

What that means is that it is an online business that provides payments to its members when they read emails, take surveys, search the web and other features.

The company prides itself in having paid total cash to members $50 million in the year 2016, that and the fact that the founder of Inbox Dollars received the Honor of Technology CEO from the Titans of Technology awards.
Inbox Dollars is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business, providing consumers with extra peace of mind about signing up. They have gained brands trust since their integrity and experience in developing customized campaigns to build brand loyalty and engagement. They are an award-winning company recognized by Inc. 5000 for outstanding growth and according to their website they currently have over 40 staff members excluding the leadership team.

Along with, and, Inbox Dollars connects consumers and advertisers in a way that benefits both. They reward their members for their everyday activities such as reading emails, taking surveys, playing games and signing up for offers. They leverage this loyalty platform to create effective customer acquisition and brand engagement campaigns for advertisers and market research partners.
With that short summary of the company I can conclude and say that this is a legitimate and awesome company since its members receive cash, not points, for their activities.
Some of the key features of Inbox Dollars are:

For reading and responding to each email advert, you get a set amount.
Another important method of payment is from signing up on commercial offers
Apart from emails, Inbox Dollars also pays you for filling out surveys (mainly through Toluna), playing games (through member sites like Winster), searching the web and shopping online
The website also runs an affiliate program through Cotter Web for promotion. Commissions are paid for new user registrations.

There is a $5 starter bonus. You actually get credited five dollars when you sign up which is pretty cool because that’s pretty much free money.
Start doing tasks. There is a wide range of things you can do to get paid. The main ones are trial offers, surveys, easy cash things, games, search, referring friends, and more. You can literally start taking surveys right away and earn about $.50 each.

Referral program. You can actually invite your friends to join under you and earn money when they participate in these activities.

Extra income. Probably the biggest benefit is that this is an opportunity for you to make real money.
Although there are few cons with this venture of making some little extra money and I feel like it’s my obligation to point them out. First you have to sign up for lots of stuff. To participate in just about anything especially the trial offers, you have to sign up at different websites. Oftentimes these websites gather information and can sell it to other companies which is why you might get lots of spam. Not only that, you have to be careful because sometimes these trial offers require a credit card which may be billed if you read the fine print after the trial period expires. Also there is the issue of minimal earnings, which may not be a big deal if you’re just looking to earn a little extra cash.

To sign up and earn $5 click here:

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