My understanding of the gift of giving

This mini-article is about my understanding, beliefs and feelings about the gift of giving, based on research, prayer and talking to God.

People with the gift of giving make it a mission to further God’s kingdom and His work. We understand that this gift is to be used to further God’s kingdom and bring glory to God. We listen to the direction of the Holy Spirit and give as directed. It’s not about the amount of the gift; it is about the attitude of the giver. God loves a cheerful giver, after all He is the most generous giver of all. This gift of giving is not about making the giver wealthy or about giving only if you’re wealthy. In fact, sometimes your are called to give sacrificially. It’s easy to give when you are wealthy, but it takes faith to give out of sacrifice. However, we are called to give from our blessings and in turn, God will bless us even more. Giving will not make you poor.

I feel like I am called to give to minority women who are small business owners. I feel like I am called to give to ministries that reach millions and to those who spread the gospel to millions of people. Right now, that is what I feel that the Holy Spirit is leading me to do. And, I am more than willing to obey.

Author: Jransom

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