How To Keep Your Focus on God

God wants a relationship with His followers. He walks with you daily and wants to talk with you daily. Oftentimes, the cares of the world and our busy lives crowd out our thoughts and our time so we don’t give our time to God like we should. But, when you give your time to God you get renewed, you get focus, you get wisdom and revelation, you understand your purpose, you get vision and you are guided by His will.

It is hard to always keep your focus on God day-to-day and be consistent and disciplined in your walk with the Lord. The purpose of this article is to help get your focus on God and keep your focus on God, when so many things are competing for our attention. Below are some ideas and actions that will you keep your focus on God.

Make sure you have the right mindset

  • Intentionally make a choice to put your focus on God; this will not only keep you close to God; but it will keep your mind off your circumstances.
  • Remember to thank God for what He has already done for you. This will put you in the right mindset to remember what God has already done and help give you faith that He will do so much more. Also, when you pray, believe that you have received it and thank God right now for the answer, before you see the manifestation. Because if you truly believe that you’ve already received the answer right now, then the time to thank God is right now.
  • Look at and evaluate your beliefs, do you trust God to meet all your needs, do you trust that God wants the best for you and only He knows what that is– do you trust in God’s promises, even when they don’t line up with what’s happening in your life at the moment—if not, you need to focus on learning how to trust God. You need to meditate on scripture, pray and ask God for wisdom. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find.
  • You need to spend time with God daily, pray and talk to Him, listen to Him, read the bible, sing songs of worship and praise, give God Glory, thank God.

Once you have the right mindset, you need to take action

  • Start you day with God and end your day with God. Engage in constant prayer. The bible tells us to pray without ceasing.
  • Have a prayer partner. This is something that I’ve never done. I’ve prayed with people over situations before, but I’m talking about a partner that you have to pray with every day, every week, whatever the time-table, a consistent partner that you have to keep each other lifted up in prayer and pray together constantly.
  • Obedience. Be obedient to the Lord, when God tells you to do something, it often looks impossible; it can be hard. But, that’s how you know that God will provide the way, that’s how you know He is directing your footsteps and giving you His power to accomplish whatever He has called you to do. God always provides the way. It takes faith to walk in the way God is directing you. Faith and obedience causes God to act on your behalf. Being obedient to God shows God that you trust in Him.
  • Another avenue that has been instrumental in my journey and keeping my focus on God is writing in a spiritual journal. I pray, talk, and listen to God. I write down my thoughts and what God tells me. This keeps me focused, it makes me remember things God has said and it shows you how far you’ve come in your spiritual journey, when you look back at some of your old journal entries. During these times, I’ve often received my biggest revelations from God. My spiritual gift is teaching and God has shown me that I’m to teach through writing, so I think it comes naturally to me to keep a journal and that’s why I get revelation through talking, listening and writing what God tells me. If you want to try keeping a journal to help keep your focus on God., follow this Facebook Group: Sassy Ann’s30 DayJournal Challenge; to get you in the habit of keeping a spiritual journal and communicating with God.

Some other things to do to keep your focus on God

  • Go to church
  • Watch church program on television
  • listen to gospel music
  • meditate on scriptures
  • read spiritual articles – when I read articles or my own testimonies that I’ve written it causes me to remember my walk with the Lord

Every Believer has his/her methods of keeping his/her focus on God. Below are some other ways that my family and friends keep their focus on God:

  • Remembering that God is in control
  • Knowing that he has already worked out your situation
  • Waking up with an open heart and praising God
  • Listening to God daily, building a relationship with Him, writing in a journal, reading the bible and meditating, singing songs of praise
  • Keeping a spiritual regimen of praise/prayer/the word of God and service unto God
  • Keeping God in your heart always
  • Giving thanks to God no matter what the situation is; trying to be a better person than you were yesterday
  • Abiding in His word, remembering the precious gift of salvation, his blessings, and He is in control
  • read the bible every morning– ask for forgiveness of sins
  • find time to sit quietly and listen to God; continuous conversation with Him in the car, work, school or home.
  • By relying on His strength and not your flesh to keep your focus on God.

**Special thanks to Renee Hodges Moore, Laura McClain, Shelly Ann Sydial, Pastor Craig West, Ann Robinson, Janie Wells, Yvonne Carnell Stanley, Elnora Faulks, Melanie McFall Craft, Jamie Carmichael, and Charlay Marie for their responses, thoughts, help and input that went into this article.

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