Gorgeous hairstyles for your natural hair

Three years ago, this July, I started to transition to natural hair. Today, I have no relaxed hair left. I am in love with my relaxer-free hair. It looks far better than my relaxed hair ever looked. It’s so much thicker and has so much more texture and versatility. If I would have known my relaxer-free hair would have been so much better than my relaxed hair I would have transitioned long ago.

My hair is healthier than its ever been and longer and stronger. I just love it now. But my journey has not been struggle-free. I had a hard time styling my hair as my hair became more natural. I have never been much for ponytails and I never really liked the protective styles. I like wearing my hair down. These days, I mostly wear my hair in braid and curl styles. It looks the best when my mom braids it –I’m not that great at braiding. I can braid, just not good at braiding to my scalp, cornrowing or french braiding. But, in the beginning, styling my hair was a huge struggle.

So, I rounded up a few gorgeous hairstyles for you to try:

Try These Looks for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Night

Also, here are some beautiful protective styles:

Easy Long Term Protective Styles that Don’t Take Forever to Do

Stay tuned for my tips and tricks regarding your natural hair. My mission in life is to make things more convenient without sacrificing quality. So, I actively search for ways to make processes more convenient, shorter, save time and fit within a busy lifestyle. Taking care of natural hair can be time-consuming, but I am finding ways to save time. So stay tuned in!

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