Fitness over 40

fitness over 40

Turning 40 is a milestone and a signal of transition from adulthood to middle age. It is an important age of preventing health problems.

Generally when you get older you may have noticed changes to your body, you tend to lose muscles which are typically replaced by fat and the concern about getting fit may be overwhelming to you.

Here are some of the ways that you could be able to lose the weight, keep it off and stay fit for a healthier you.
As we get older and start doing physical exercise, we need a better warm-up before beginning the actual work out. Our younger counterparts can waltz into exercise without too much concern, although it is not advisable to do so, they are still less prone to getting injured because if their age.

Walking is a gentle, low impact exercise that’s easy, free and available to everyone. Some of the benefits of walking regularly include strengthening the heart which reduces the chances of a heart disease and stroke and other disease risks, helps you lose weight, tones up the abs and waist, boosts your vitamin D, give you energy and makes you happy since it reduces stress and anxiety.

As your fitness levels improve you may want to progress from walking to jogging. Because jogging is a high impact activity, it is necessary that you wear supportive and cushioned shoes to minimize the risk of injury.

Cycling can be a great way to lose the pounds and ensuring that you are staying fit. However, you should be careful not to injure your muscles and bring health problems like joint and knee pain. You should start small and build up your balance and endurance, a 15 minutes cycling would be okay.

You may take up a hobby that you once liked doing before all the responsibilities piled up. It might be swimming, running, boxing, spinning or playing a sport. Remember all these should be done with moderation before you master the art of balance endurance and to prevent you from getting injured which will be a downer.

When undertaking the above mentioned exercises or any other exercises bare in mind that you have to know your body first before starting any work out, consult your doctor and find out which exercise suits you best which will lower the risks of injury and which will help you achieve your desired goal when it comes to being a healthier you.
Wishing you all the best in this journey of staying fit and healthy and remember anyone can do it it’s a matter of staying focused start small start today and you will keep the diseases at bay Cheers.

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