Family Fun–New York City

Fun things we did in New York City

Visited the Empire State Building. This is the 2nd time I’ve been to the Empire State Building. I actually timed it out much better this time. The first time I went with my mother and we just went whenever, not paying attention to the time and the lines to actually get up the the observation deck were horrendous. It took a very long time. So, this time I planned it out much better. We went in the late morning and the lines were much faster. The Empire State Building offers fantastic views of New York City’s skyline and much more. You have so many wonderful views in panoramic type. You can walk around the observation deck and get a totally different view of the city. Seeing the Empire State Building lit up at night is amazing. We visited during the day and saw great views. We also visited the Top of the Rock at night and saw even more amazing views of the City.

We also visited Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum. This was the first time that I’ve been to the wax museum. It was a fun experience. I’m not exactly sure what I expected. It was fun posing for pictures with the wax people. Some of the figurines were a very striking look alike. Some were not. Here are some pictures of our time at Madam Tussaud’s.


We also participated in a Night on the Town Tour. It was amazing and awesome. Tours are a fantastic way to go about the city and you learn so much that you wouldn’t otherwise learn. The tour guides are always so knowledgeable. It was an amazing tour. It started off in a bus and we visited so many areas, we went to Highline Park, which is in the Meat Packing District. While there, we walked around the park and learned the history of the park. I was never one for history in school, but learning and seeing the history come to life before your eyes is fascinating. The Tour took us to the Rockefeller Center, Hell’s Kitchen, we went on a boat ride to the Statute of Liberty—this was amazing also, I’ve never visited the Statute of Liberty before. And, the tour ended at the Top of the Rock Observatory. It was night time, so you got to see the view of NYC at time– it was amazing seeing the city from that view. It was funny that morning we got to see the view from the Empire State Building and at night we got to see the city come to life, including seeing how beautiful the Empire State Building is at night.

The Knickerbocker Hotel

I definitely recommend the Knickerbocker Hotel. It is right in the center of Times Square, very convenient. The hotel is very luxurious and very clean. The rooms are very spacious, which I was surprised for Manhattan. Manhattan is expensive, I’ve stayed in much smaller hotels for similar price. The rooms were modern, clean and had an upscale feel and vibe. My only gripe is that the halls were not light enough and there was no coffee available in the rooms. I need my coffee. I had to walk to McDonald’s to get a good cup of coffee. Anyway, I would definitely stay again.

Here are some more great views of New York City at night and the Statue of Liberty.


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