Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure

We held our weekly business meeting at The Boathouse this week. We have a weekly meeting to discuss the strategy of our business ventures, and figure out our agenda for the upcoming week.

So, I thought I could kill two birds with one stone and write a review of The Boathouse also. As I stated before, I think reviews are very important and I always look at reviews prior to making any purchase or decision on where to stay, etc.

The Boathouse offers a very nice ambiance. The Boathouse appears to be a great place for fancy receptions and special occasions. In fact, as we arrived we saw what appeared to be a wedding party. There appears to be several separate rooms available for private parties. On our way out of the restaurant, we saw into one of the rooms from afar, it was very pretty with purple chairs and a beautiful chandelier, very fancy.

The Boathouse offers some great views. They have seating inside and outside with a view of the Scioto River—the view of the river was not so great as the river is low. I’ve been there twice and the river was low both times. However, it does offer a beautiful view of Columbus’ downtown skyline.


The food is decent. I had a caesar salad with chicken, it was good. Chris had parmesan crusted chicken and rice pilaf. He enjoyed it. Brandon had a hamburger, it said it was decent. Rachel had crab cakes, she was not overly impressed, but it was ok. They brought out homemade chips and a dip at first, they were very good. They also brought out a pan of parmesan rolls later.

The prices are a little expensive. The menu was fancy. Like I said, they offered hamburger on the menu, but the parmesan crusted chicken was the closet thing to plain, simple and ordinary that Chris could find on the menu.

Overall, it was a very nice experience. The staff was friendly, the view was great, the atmosphere peaceful, fairly quiet and relaxing. I do think it is a great place for dinner parties or special events.

Family Fun–New York City

Fun things we did in New York City

Visited the Empire State Building. This is the 2nd time I’ve been to the Empire State Building. I actually timed it out much better this time. The first time I went with my mother and we just went whenever, not paying attention to the time and the lines to actually get up the the observation deck were horrendous. It took a very long time. So, this time I planned it out much better. We went in the late morning and the lines were much faster. The Empire State Building offers fantastic views of New York City’s skyline and much more. You have so many wonderful views in panoramic type. You can walk around the observation deck and get a totally different view of the city. Seeing the Empire State Building lit up at night is amazing. We visited during the day and saw great views. We also visited the Top of the Rock at night and saw even more amazing views of the City.

We also visited Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum. This was the first time that I’ve been to the wax museum. It was a fun experience. I’m not exactly sure what I expected. It was fun posing for pictures with the wax people. Some of the figurines were a very striking look alike. Some were not. Here are some pictures of our time at Madam Tussaud’s.


We also participated in a Night on the Town Tour. It was amazing and awesome. Tours are a fantastic way to go about the city and you learn so much that you wouldn’t otherwise learn. The tour guides are always so knowledgeable. It was an amazing tour. It started off in a bus and we visited so many areas, we went to Highline Park, which is in the Meat Packing District. While there, we walked around the park and learned the history of the park. I was never one for history in school, but learning and seeing the history come to life before your eyes is fascinating. The Tour took us to the Rockefeller Center, Hell’s Kitchen, we went on a boat ride to the Statute of Liberty—this was amazing also, I’ve never visited the Statute of Liberty before. And, the tour ended at the Top of the Rock Observatory. It was night time, so you got to see the view of NYC at time– it was amazing seeing the city from that view. It was funny that morning we got to see the view from the Empire State Building and at night we got to see the city come to life, including seeing how beautiful the Empire State Building is at night.

The Knickerbocker Hotel

I definitely recommend the Knickerbocker Hotel. It is right in the center of Times Square, very convenient. The hotel is very luxurious and very clean. The rooms are very spacious, which I was surprised for Manhattan. Manhattan is expensive, I’ve stayed in much smaller hotels for similar price. The rooms were modern, clean and had an upscale feel and vibe. My only gripe is that the halls were not light enough and there was no coffee available in the rooms. I need my coffee. I had to walk to McDonald’s to get a good cup of coffee. Anyway, I would definitely stay again.

Here are some more great views of New York City at night and the Statue of Liberty.


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Family Fun Night–Cedric the Entertainer

I’ve pretty much been a workaholic in the past. I’ve worked a full time job and a part-time job since about 2000. I’ve learned what an impact a second income can have on your finances and your lifestyle. That’s why when we decided to start a family business, I decided it should be designed to create multiple income streams. Well, sometimes in the past, all I focused on was work and my kids. I didn’t feel like I had time for fun for myself. We would have movie night and they were in sports constantly, but I didn’t do things for myself. So, I’m trying to find balance in my life and see “time” as my friend instead of my enemy. I”m trying to live life to the fullest and enjoy and revel in every minute. Sometimes, when I get overwhelmed or when I don’t want to do something, I try to live my life 5 minutes at a time (this is another topic).

Anyway, in trying to maintain balance, I purposely plan fun things for my family to do, usually it’s the entire family, or sometimes, its a date night with my husband. We go on trips, we go shopping, we have a family business, so we make working together fun, we spend time together, we eat out, we cook together, we watch movies. I plan something every other week that we can look forward to—something big, like a trip, etc. I also plan something small that we can look forward to every week.

One of my favorite things to do is watch comedy, I absolutely love to laugh. Yesterday, we went to see Cedric the Entertainer. Laughter can reduce stress, boost your immune system, relieve pain, improve mood, decrease depression. Laughter is a powerful medicine. My sons, my husband, my mother, my daughter-in-law to be make me laugh til I cry. There’s almost not a day goes by that someone doesn’t have me cracking up at something. If I”m in a bad mood, when I start laughing, I immediately get into a good mood. So I was so excited to see Cedric yesterday. He is my absolute favorite comedian. And, let me tell you he did not disappoint. He was hilarious. He had me in tears the entire time. I’ve been a huge fan of Cedrics for probably over 20 years, when I use to see him on Comic View. I love it when he sings in his acts. He can Sang!! He just makes being funny seem so effortless. He’s been in several television shows—I’ve loved him in every one that I’ve seen, he is just an all-around talent. He put on several shows at the Funny Bone, but I’ve heard that several people say they couldn’t get tickets. I’m glad that I didn’t wait to get my tickets, they sold out fast, and I see why. He came to Columbus, many years ago, but I didn’t get to see him because we had to leave the theater before he came on because of a bomb threat. But, I did get to see him a few years ago, on the Comedy Get Down Tour, with Eddie Griffith, D.L Hughley, George Lopez and Charlie Murphy. That was a great show also. But, I like Cedric by himself—a one man show. I can’t wait until he comes again.

These are some of my favorite shows that Cedric has been in:

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The Pearl

We ended our family fun night at the Pearl—a trendy restaurant in the Short North. It was not a fabulous experience. First, we had reservations and still had to wait 40 minutes. There is not a good waiting place, it’s very congested and you feel like you’re in everyone’s way. Very frustrating. But, once we finally got seated, they recognized the frustration and apologized and gave us 2 free appetizers, so to me that compensated for the frustration. However, the wait to get our food was equally frustrating. Our server was nice enough, but there were 2 tables that ordered after we did, and they received their food before we did. Annoying. Also, my husband ordered his steak well done—it was burnt, black and not edible. Completely unacceptable. He couldn’t eat it and he didn’t order anything else because of the time it took to come the first time. Luckily, he had wings at the Funny Bone earlier that night—which were very good. My son and his girlfriend shared a chicken meal and so did my other son and myself. The chicken was pretty good. It came with a sticky cinnamon bun, which was good and green bean casserole, which was not good. I do have to admit, I am a picky eater and I”m more comfortable with down home comfort food, rather than fancy food. They have a lot of seafood type choices and I’m not a seafood lover. We also had home-made tater tots with some type of sauce that was really good. They also have deviled eggs for appetizers. They are spicy, but good. The restaurant is expensive, but because four people shared two meals (which was more than enough food for 2 people), it seemed reasonably affordable. It was extremely noisy. You could barely hear yourself talk. They service is slow. We were there for approximately 2 hours 20 minutes. Our reservation was 9 pm. It was very busy though, but 2 hours and 20 minutes was too long.

What happens when you learn how to deadhead flowers

One of the things that I inspire to do is to learn new things. Learning is a life-long process. I also love to teach or share information. I have always loved the way flowers looked, but never really worked to have a flower garden or had a green thumb. I’ve purchased hanging plants over the years, but nothing that required a lot of work. When we moved into the house that we live in now, I started caring about my yard. Our yard backs into a wooded ravine. We have a 2-story deck, over a walk-out basement. Our neighborhood is filled with street-lined trees and well-kept lawns, so I felt the need to step-up. So, I really knew nothing about plants or flowers, and neither does my mother. So, I went out a purchased hundreds of dollars worth of perennials several years ago, I had the solar lights that lined our yard. Our landscape came with whitewashed bricks already. We had beautiful trees in our small but inviting yard. So, I purchased hosta plants to surround two of our beautiful trees. I planted a rose bush and some other bushes. I like a lot of color, so I usually purchase petunias every year to plant to give the yard some vibrant color. Unfortunately, because of the wooded area we live in, we have a lot of deer and other critters that like to eat our plants. But, still our yard normally looks good.

I also love to purchase petunia hanging plants to put on our front porch. I love to pull into the driveway and see the vibrant colors of the plants. It just adds an inviting and welcoming, homey touch. So for the last couple of years, I have purchased the plants and most of them have done well, with no help from me, except to water them. However, this year, I purchased 5 plants and hung them and within a month they were all dead. 

I didn’t understand. So, I purchased 4 more and I asked the lady at the greenhouse how I was supposed to take care of the plants, she said to make sure I deadhead them. She said just pick out any dying blooms, and it will allow new ones to form. I had no idea was she was talking about.

I looked up videos on deheading flowers and I watched a few videos and I learned how to take care of my flowers, That is what I love about the internet. I have learned so much from the internet and watching videos. I believe that the internet is so valuable in teaching a person certain skills. I am not an expert. But, my flowers have flourished after doing the deadheading.


Unfortunately I did not get to deadhead my flowers for about 3 weeks and my flowers have suffered because of it.

So, I have started to deadhead the flowers again, because I hadn’t done it in so long, I have to do a little at a time. It was too time-consuming for me to do all four at once. And, I plan to do a little every day to catch up and then do it 2-3 times a week. I will post a picture in a few weeks to show you how they are doing. I have no idea the normal life cycle of these hanging plants, but hopefully they should last into September.

Stayed tuned for the next update.

To learn how to deadhead flowers, see the following video: