We all know what a coupon is right? Well, for those who don’t know or those who have a rough idea of what a coupon is let me define it for you. A Coupon is a ticket or a printed document that can be redeemed for a rebate or discount when buying products at a store or even at an online store.

Now that you know what a coupon is let’s see how it can help you or benefit you as an individual.

One of the benefits of coupons is that it is a great way to save money on a wide variety of goods and services. You can use coupons to save money on everyday things such as your grocery shopping, as well as more extravagant one-off purchases hence leaving you with a decent chunk of change for a rainy day or for that trip you having planning for.

Another benefit of coupons is that it enables you stock up on staples since things like pasta, canned vegetables, and other canned and boxed goods which are commonly couponed.  If you pair these coupons up when these same items are on sale, you can stock up your pantry with staples to last you for weeks or even months you can also get free things like shampoo, soap, toothpaste, shaving cream etc. Apart from that you could also get Treats for Less or Even Free and try new items for less.

We have looked at some of the benefits of coupons, now let’s take a look at some of the places where you could get coupons. You can get coupons from:

Sunday newspaper and are commonly referred to as inserts and are usually the easiest way to get coupons.

  1. Magazines which is another easy way to get coupons is through the magazines that you already read.
  2. Internet printables which allows you to normally print out at least a couple of each coupon you find, sometimes even more just pick and choose what you need and leave the rest. There are some common sites that are used to locate coupons. Some of them require you to sign up to print the coupons, others you can just print without becoming a member.
  3. Direct from manufacturer which entails that you go through all the brands that you use and then going to their website (assuming that they have a website) and sign up in their mailing list.  If you can’t find the site, you can try to Google the company name to see if it is under a larger parent company instead.
  4. Buy them online, did you know you can actually purchase coupons?  EBay is of course one option. Be careful that the coupons are real and not fraudulent. Just keep in mind that if the coupon seems too good to be true then it probably is.

You don’t have to spend hours and hours to see a benefit to couponing. Of course the more time and energy you invest, the more savings you will see. However, even a few minutes a week, will yield a reward. So why not put your time and energy to good use and save some money!!

You can print coupons from this website:

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I will receive an affiliate commission. However, the opinion expressed are my own.


Exercise DVDS


This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I will receive an affiliate commission. However, the opinion expressed are my own.

How to make money with Swagbucks

What if I tell you, you can earn a few extra dollars on Swagbucks? Here are a few ways you can earn a few extra dollars on Swagbucks. Swagbucks is an online rewards platform where you can earn virtual currency called “Swag Bucks” and you can trade these “Swag Bucks into gift cards from popular stores like Amazon, Target, and Walmart etc.

  1. Search the Internet: Searching the internet using swagbucks search engine: There search bar is powered by Yahoo.
  2. Shop and get cash back: Use Swagbucks’ Shop for all your online purchases at thousands of stores, from Amazon to Walmart. You’ll earn SB for every dollar you spend (earning 1 SB is equal to earning 1% Cash Back). It’s one of the fastest ways to get free gift cards.
  3. Watch Videos: The Swagbucks TV app allows you to run videos without need for any interference. All you have to do is hit start to run the videos. Videos will automatically play from one to the next without the need for you to hit a “next video” button. There actually are seven different apps within Swagbucks you can use to watch videos, each with a different theme, so there’s something bound to catch your interest.
  4. Answer surveys: Register for an account. Complete your profile. Just by signing-up you are automatically granted a couple of points. Earn points (called SB) for giving your honest answer. Redeem your SB for free gift cards from over 200 brands.
  5. Print coupons: Swagbucks has a great coupon area. (Worth 10 Swag Bucks) it will help you not only earn more Swag Bucks but also reduce your grocery bill.
  6. Referrals: Each time you refer a friend to Swagbucks, you are going to be rewarded for that. Currently you receive 10% of whatever your referrals earn (certain point earning actions only) for life.
  7. Daily Poll: Each day, Swagbucks polls its members on different topics which includes anything from their favorite food, how they listen to music, and more!  The daily poll only pays 1 SB since it takes about 2 seconds of your time the “SwagBucks” goes towards your daily goal + bonus
  8. NOSO: Which stands for No Obligation Special Offers. Which basically means that you’re going to be presented with a bunch of “money-saving offers” that you should feel free to skip.  You don’t have to sign up for ANY of them in order to earn Swagbucks with NOSO.  Just find the “skip” button under each offer, and when you get to the end you’ll be rewarded with 2 SB.  It literally takes less than 30 seconds and contributes towards your daily goal + bonus.
  9. Play games: Earn Swagbucks points by playing games. 2 SB earned per 2 games, up to 10 per day.  That may seem like a lot of effort, but you don’t actually have to finish each game to earn the Swagbucks.  Just play for a few minutes, then click the ‘Back to Games” Button to earn your Swagbucks.
  10. Use the Swagbucks Credit Card: Did you know that Swagbucks has their own credit card?  It makes sense, when you consider the shop & earn feature.  The offer isn’t great, but if you transfer a balance within the first 3 billing cycles, you’ll earn a 1,000 SB credit, and when you spend $1,000 in the first 6 months, you’ll earn an additional 2,500 SB.

There isn’t a specific amount of money you can make on Swagbucks but it ranges from $70 per month to $1,105 per year depending on whether you do the above activities daily. Here is an estimate on how many “Swagbucks” one can earn.

  1. Searching each day = 50 SB a week = 2,600 SB per year
  2. Redeem 10 coupons each week = 100 SB a week = 5,200 SB per year
  3. Take The Daily Poll = 365 SB per year
  4. Do One Survey Each Day = 60 SB = 21,900 SB per year
  5. Earn 100 Bonus Swagbucks per Month = 51,200 SB per year
  6. Play 2 Games per day = 2 SB = 730 SB Per Year
  7. Complete Daily Offers = 2 SB = 730 SB Per Year
  8. Watch Videos Each Day = 20 SB = 7,300 SB per year
  9. Play Videos on the Mobile App = 50 SB = 18,250 SB per year
  10. Shop through Shop & Earn once a month = 100 SB = 1,200 SB per year
  11. Earn Daily Goal Bonuses = 3 SB per day = 1,095 SB per year

Total Swagbucks Earned = 110,570 which is Redeemable for at least $1,105 in gift cards

Sign up here and start earning today!!

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I will receive an affiliate commission. However, the opinion expressed are my own.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a cash based online rewards club founded by internet entrepreneur Daren Cotter in the year 2000.

What that means is that it is an online business that provides payments to its members when they read emails, take surveys, search the web and other features.

The company prides itself in having paid total cash to members $50 million in the year 2016, that and the fact that the founder of Inbox Dollars received the Honor of Technology CEO from the Titans of Technology awards.
Inbox Dollars is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business, providing consumers with extra peace of mind about signing up. They have gained brands trust since their integrity and experience in developing customized campaigns to build brand loyalty and engagement. They are an award-winning company recognized by Inc. 5000 for outstanding growth and according to their website they currently have over 40 staff members excluding the leadership team.

Along with, and, Inbox Dollars connects consumers and advertisers in a way that benefits both. They reward their members for their everyday activities such as reading emails, taking surveys, playing games and signing up for offers. They leverage this loyalty platform to create effective customer acquisition and brand engagement campaigns for advertisers and market research partners.
With that short summary of the company I can conclude and say that this is a legitimate and awesome company since its members receive cash, not points, for their activities.
Some of the key features of Inbox Dollars are:

For reading and responding to each email advert, you get a set amount.
Another important method of payment is from signing up on commercial offers
Apart from emails, Inbox Dollars also pays you for filling out surveys (mainly through Toluna), playing games (through member sites like Winster), searching the web and shopping online
The website also runs an affiliate program through Cotter Web for promotion. Commissions are paid for new user registrations.

There is a $5 starter bonus. You actually get credited five dollars when you sign up which is pretty cool because that’s pretty much free money.
Start doing tasks. There is a wide range of things you can do to get paid. The main ones are trial offers, surveys, easy cash things, games, search, referring friends, and more. You can literally start taking surveys right away and earn about $.50 each.

Referral program. You can actually invite your friends to join under you and earn money when they participate in these activities.

Extra income. Probably the biggest benefit is that this is an opportunity for you to make real money.
Although there are few cons with this venture of making some little extra money and I feel like it’s my obligation to point them out. First you have to sign up for lots of stuff. To participate in just about anything especially the trial offers, you have to sign up at different websites. Oftentimes these websites gather information and can sell it to other companies which is why you might get lots of spam. Not only that, you have to be careful because sometimes these trial offers require a credit card which may be billed if you read the fine print after the trial period expires. Also there is the issue of minimal earnings, which may not be a big deal if you’re just looking to earn a little extra cash.

To sign up and earn $5 click here:

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I will receive an affiliate commission. However, the opinion expressed are my own.

Financial Tips

Financial Tips

Spend less money than you make

Spending less money then you make seems like a simple and strait forward task but many families find it hard to do. Many families live paycheck to paycheck. Many people buy things they don’t need but want. Instead of spending money on essentials, people find themselves spending on their wants causing them to live beyond their means.

Here are some practical tips to help you spend less than you make:

  • Make a budget
  • Make your purchases with cash—it takes more thought and pondering to pay with cash; it will cause you to determine whether you should spend your money on this or something else more important.
  • Have a weekly spending allowance
  • Control emotional spending

Avoid credit card debt

A big problem some people have is getting in credit card debt. They dig themselves into a big hole and struggle to dig themselves out. It is very easy to just put something on a credit card and expect to pay it later. When using a credit card it is typically best to pay it off right away unless it has a no interest period. If you carry a credit card balance, you’ll likely have interest to pay; which can add up to hundreds of dollars a year.

  • If you carry a credit card balance—look for a card that offers zero interest and transfer your balance to that card and pay it off. When the time has expired, if you haven’t paid the credit card balance off —look for another zero balance card and transfer the remaining balance.

Save Money

Saving money is a great idea for many reasons. You may need it for emergencies, may need it after you retire, or you may save for your children’s college tuition. It is a good idea to put about 10% of your pay away each time you get paid. That way you’ll have money for the unexpected and emergencies. There are many obstacles life can throw at you like loss of your job or unexpected bills. Saving money will give you a little piece of mind in these situations.

  • Have money automatically withdrawn from your paycheck into a savings account before you ever touch it. And only touch it in case of an emergency. If you think you can’t afford it; start small—start with $20 a pay, $10 a pay and keeping adding to the amount that you save each pay.
  • When you get a raise, automatically save the raise, you’ve been living without it, continue to live without it.

Spend money on things that make money

To increase your wealth and be comfortable financially it is a good idea to invest in stocks, bonds, etc, buy rentals or invest in something that pays you money back. Many people spend their extra money on items that over time depreciates in value, a car is a prime example. But investing your money in something that makes money will allow you to eventually get your money back then start profiting.

Walmart Savings Catcher

Walmart has a fairly new program called Savings Catcher. You can download the app on your smartphone or you can log in the Savings Catcher program on a computer.

Here’s how it works:

Scan your receipt into the app or enter the TC number from your receipt on your computer. Then, Walmart does the rest. Walmart checks competitor prices to see if any of the items on your receipt are offered at a lower price with a competitor. It typically takes Walmart 72 hours to check competitor prices. If Walmart finds a lower price they will give you the difference on a walmart gift card. Amounts credited can be used at or in aWalmart store.

You can choose to redeem your reward dollars to a Walmart Rewards eGift Card or a Bluebird American Express card. For a limited time, if you redeem your reward dollars to a Bluebird card, Bluebird will double your reward dollars. If you don’t have a Bluebird cared, it is easy to sign up. Details on how to sign up are on the Savings Catcher website.

The great thing about Savings Catcher is you don’t have to go from store to store to get the lowest price. Another great thing is that Walmart checks many competitor prices and sometimes another store has an item on sale that I didn’t know about and I get the lower price.

I submit an average of one receipt a week. I submitted my first receipt on August 2, 2014. Since I joined the program in August, I have received $86.58 in rewards. And, since I redeemed my Walmart Bucks to my Bluebird card, I have received $173.16 in Walmart Bucks to spend at or at the store. I have actually used some of the Walmart Bucks from my Bluebird card and it works!!

There are some exclusions. For more information and to sign up, visit the Savings Catcher website at